Pastor’s Reflections – June 2020

Dear friends, sisters and brothers in Christ,

            This will be my last newsletter article to you all as you all know that I will be moving to a new appointment that begins on July 1st. And, as the Staff-Parish Relations Committee has already informed you, you will be welcoming Pastor Joyce beginning on July 1st to continue working alongside you in the ministry work that God calls us to. I am keeping all of you and Pastor Joyce in my prayers for fruitful and vital ministry together, led with love and compassion for your community, your church family, and the world.

            A few last things before I go, though. Starting this month in June, we will be starting a new sermon series titled, “reconstruction: A Study of Priorities from the Prophet Haggai.” The book of Haggai, much like Habakkuk that we covered in May, is again one that tends to be overlooked during the lectionary, with the exception as supporting Scripture on one Sundays during Year C. It is the second-to-last book of the Old Testament, and again, just like with our Habakkuk series, I think it will help us all to grow in our knowledge not only of Scripture in the Old Testament. I am also hopeful that it might help us to think about how we will be “restarting” in a way when we begin worshiping in-person again and what that will all look like and who it might bring to our doors.

            We continue to be blessed in our worship time to have some recordings from our pianists David Wolf and Sharon Clark. Sharon blessed us with her singing on Pentecost Sunday as well, and I know I was touched by her sharing of her gifts. I am also continuing to be incredibly thankful to both Sharon and David for all of their dedication and hard work so that we might continue to enjoy their musical offerings during our worship times. I also want to give a shoutout to our Worship Committee for their continued hard work and efforts, especially in getting some readers for our Scripture passages each week this month, which I hope will add something new to our online worship services and help others to see some familiar faces.

            For Sarah and the boys and I, this move comes with both sadness and excitement. We have made many great memories, and also met so many great people here in Centreville. We are thankful to have called Centreville our home for this last year. We acknowledge that with the ongoing pandemic, our goodbyes will not be “normal.” Still, we know that we all need to be reasonable and diligent in following the guidelines to keep everyone safe and healthy. And when it comes to this pandemic, just remember, “this too shall pass.”


God’s Blessings,

Pastor Michael

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