Pastor’s Reflections – May 2020

Dear friends, sisters and brothers in Christ,

            Our Governor recently extended the shelter in place to at least May 15th, and our Bishop, Rev. David Bard, has asked us to continue to comply with that executive order. This means that we are still refraining from gathering in-person for worship until at least that time. It is possible we may need to abstain for a little longer than that depending on the guidelines from our health organizations and our Bishop. I will be in communication with our Church Council to discuss this further, and we will continue to communicate with you when the church will re-open for regular worship and operation.

            Starting this month in May, we will be starting a new sermon series titled, “Haba-Who? Habakkuk, A Study of God’s Unexpected Work.” The book of Habakkuk is one that is often overlooked during the lectionary, with the exception as supporting Scripture on two Sundays during Year C. I am really excited to do this series as I think it will help us all to grow in our knowledge not only of Scripture in the Old Testament but also again in our knowledge and understanding of the relationship between God and the people.

            We are also blessed in our worship time (for at least the next few Sundays) to have some recordings from our pianist David Wolf. Sharon Clark blessed us with many musical offerings during April, and we will now get to hear some pieces from David. I am incredibly thankful to both Sharon and David for all of their dedication and hard work so that we might continue to enjoy their musical offerings during our worship times. I am also very thankful for the help of the Worship Committee over the past weeks, especially in our planning for our Palm Sunday service.

            I also want to take a moment to extend my thanks to our Parish Nurse, Christy Friedel, for her offerings of Zoom meetings to check-in with people and offer opportunities for centering prayer. My thanks also go out to Sandi Clark, our admin, for all of her continued work and dedication to keeping things moving along at the church with bills and other work. And, of course, I am especially grateful for each and every one of you for your reaching out to each other, for committees who continue to get work done (even while social distancing), and just for your love of God and one another. We will get through this time of the pandemic and will join together in worship and fellowship again soon. Please continue to be safe and follow the guidelines from our health organizations.


God’s Blessings,

Pastor Michael

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