Pastor’s Reflections – November 2019

As we venture further into the autumn season, we begin to once again participate in several of
our denominations’ practices and traditions. For instance, we will be celebrating Laity Sunday on
November 17th this year. Normally held in October, after consulting with our Lay Leader, we made
the decision to move Laity Sunday to the 17th due to some scheduling conflicts. It is my sincerest
hope that by doing this, a large number of lay people will be able and interested in participating this
years’ service. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Lay Leader, Michelle Brokaw.

Another of our denomination’s traditions that we will be participating in this month is our
annual Charge Conference. This yearly meeting is when we come together as a congregation, being
led by our District Superintendent, and vote on some important things for the upcoming year. Many
people have been hard at work in helping to prepare for this meeting, which we will have on
November 24th. That Sunday we will have one worship service at 11:00 A.M., followed by our
Charge Conference at noon. I want to thank everyone who has been helping us prepare for this time
especially Sandi in getting all of the paperwork organized, as well as the Lay Leadership/
Nominations Committee in helping to identify leaders to help serve on the various committees of the

In keeping with this theme of our denominational traditions, I will be doing some individual
sermons from a series I call, “What Would Wesley Say?”. In these sermons I take one of John
Wesley’s sermons that he preached and go through and explain it in more detail and offer some
additional background and theological insight. It is my hope that through these upcoming messages
everyone will become even more familiar with some of our doctrines and theological understandings
of the United Methodist Church. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

God’s blessings,

Pastor Michael

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