Pastor’s Reflections – September 2019

Well, these first two months have flown by and it has been an amazing experience so far! As I mentioned during one of my sermons, with new pastors comes changes, and I want to let you know about an important one. This is something I also mentioned during announcements one week, but I wanted to take this space to discuss it a little bit more. Beginning in September (so September 1st) we will be returning to two worship services, a “Come as You Are” service at 8:30 am and a traditional service at 11:00 am. But I want to clarify a few things and explain this decision in more detail.

First things firsts, I will continue to lead the worship services. The earlier service will follow the order of worship that we have been using during the month of August, and include multiple different readers and people praying. It will also include more “contemporary” music, although our vocal choir will perform in this service on the first Sunday of the month when we also celebrate communion. There will also be Children’s Church offered following the offering every week for the children that will be coordinated to teach the same Scriptures and themes to the children that we will be using in the worship service. The second service will follow the order of worship that we had been using during the month of July. This service will feature a single reader alongside myself and include well-known hymnal selections. Our vocal choir will also be performing every week at the beginning of the service.

Now I know there has been some questions and concerns about going back to two services. The original intention to merge into a single service was to bring the congregation closer together. With the help of some members of our church leadership I plan to work to enhance the time in-between the services to give us that additional time together through fellowship time, adult Sunday school, and a book study I will be leading starting in October (more information to follow). Another factor that was part of my discernment was that people experience worship in different ways, and so in an effort to reach as many people as possible, the two services give us a wider platform. We will also still have some joint services throughout the year during special seasons and events. And I will continue to be in prayer, discernment, and evaluation of our worship needs throughout the year so any adjustments that may need to be enacted can be in a timely and meaningful manner. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday morning!!

God’s blessings,

Pastor Michael